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How exciting for you, planning a new chapter of your life story.

Certainly, there are some serious decisions to be made but this doesn’t mean it has to be stressful.

1) Choose a Partner: Done

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2) Choose a Date: Or a month at least!

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3) Choose a Celebrant: This is where I come in! 

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4) Creating your perfect day.

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5) The big day.

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6) After the ceremony.

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  • 1) Choose a Partner: Done
  • 2) Choose a Date: Or a month at least! You may need to be flexible regarding your specific date according to services availability, especially if it is short notice. Midweek wedding options can often be cheaper and more readily available.

  • 3) Choose a Civil Marriage Celebrant: If I’m available for your upcoming nuptials, we will arrange a chat so we can get to know each other, and you can share your ideas with me.

  • 4) Creating your perfect day: Once you’ve paid your booking fee, we will need to get more specific about your dreams. At this point I will let you know about all the legal stuff, such as lodging a Notice of Intended Marriage. You can find this form at the Attorney Generals Department website.

    I promise not to overwhelm you with suggestions or choices, after all, it’s your wedding. We will create a day that is all about you and your partner: a ceremony you will both be comfortable to take part in and that will be fun and filled with love.

    Some things you might consider:
    Choose a location – I am always happy to travel to your chosen place:
    • Indoors or outdoors
    • Beach, backyard, or botanical gardens
    • Outback Central Australia or Gold Coast hinterland, Alice Springs, Western Australia, Queensland…
    • Country homestead in Victoria or fine winery in Margaret River
    • Elegant Inner-city hotel in Melbourne or horse stables in South Australia

    Choose a style or theme:
    • Coffee table meeting with just the legal words exchanged
    • Short and simple with the bare essentials, just the couple and two witnesses. With or without a small number of family and friends. This can be intimate, personal alternative to the Registry Office, and can be perfect for an elopement
    • Warm and fuzzy: include members of your extended family and friends with rituals, readings and stories
    • Dare to be different: make your wedding memorable for everyone. Maybe choose a different dress code, an unusual place or theme. Are you marrying your super hero?
    • Love and laughter: let it all out, let’s have fun with guest involvement, celebrate in a way that people will really remember!

  • 5) The big day: I will arrive at least half an hour before your ceremony to ensure everything is in place and ready, and to meet and greet early guests on arrival.

  • 6) After the ceremony: I will lodge your legal forms with the relevant State Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry Office.
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