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Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are an alternative to a christening. Having a child, whether your first baby or your third, is a life changing experience.
A naming ceremony is an informal occasion for you, your family and friends to celebrate the arrival and naming of your precious babe. My role is to ensure the smooth running on your naming ceremony.

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“Words have meaning and names have power.”

1) Choose the right celebrant

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2) Things to consider

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3) Enjoy the day

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  • 1) Choose the right celebrant: Let’s sit down and chat, get to know each other and talk about the kind of day you would like to create for your newborn: a memorable occasion that speaks of the joy and love, hopes and dreams you hold for your new baby. I help you plan the flow of the naming day and act as a Master of Ceremonies.
  • 2) Things to consider: the location, the number of people you will invite, how you will cater for them, what will be said to mark the occasion, whether you will include ‘supporting adults’ as an alternative to godparents, whether there will be a reading of some kind and/or a symbolic gesture, if there will be a theme, and how you want the day to proceed.
  • 3) Enjoy the day: On the naming ceremony day, you can focus on your new baby and enjoy the memorable occasion. Together we have created a personalised, meaningful ceremony. Now you get to relax while I ensure all goes according to your wishes.
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