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Memorial Ceremonies

It is always difficult to say goodbye to someone you love. From personal experience of loss, I understand the need to have your stories heard, your grief acknowledged, and your love and experiences incorporated into a heartfelt ceremony that celebrates the life of your loved one.

In these times, you will be awash with big emotions and may find it hard to think clearly. I am here to help you in this process.

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“If there ever comes a day where we can’t be together,
keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.”

From Winnie the Pooh

“Don’t cry because it’s over,
smile because it happened”

Dr Seuss

1) Funeral or memorial ceremony?

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2) Working together

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3) Holding space

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4) Celebrate a life

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  • 1) Funeral or memorial ceremony?
    A funeral ceremony is held in conjunction with a burial, cremation or internment. A memorial ceremony is a funeral ceremony held without the presence of the deceased. Sometimes a funeral ceremony is called a memorial ceremony. Both funeral and memorial ceremonies celebrate the life of a loved one.
    I perform both funeral and memorial ceremonies.
  • 2) Working together
    A memorial ceremony brings people together, from family and friends, to myself and the funeral parlour of your choosing. You may decide to contact me directly or your funeral director might contact me on your behalf. Either way, my role is to work respectfully with you and your family as well as your funeral director. On the day, I will help ensure we deliver a meaningful and sincere service in keeping with the family wishes. It would be a privilege to talk to you about your loved one.

  • 3) Holding space
    Memorial ceremonies create a space in which your family and friends come together to support each other, to comfort one another, to grieve the loss of your loved one and to celebrate a life. On the day of the memorial ceremony, I form part of a team, along with your funeral parlour, that holds space for you, your family and friends.
  • 4) Celebrate a life
    A memorial ceremony, carefully and sensitively, brings together the reflections, the thoughts and feelings, memories and experiences that you and several of your family and/or friends have in relationship to your loved one. I will listen to your stories and your wishes for the ceremony so that together we can best celebrate the life of your loved one in a positive and healing way.
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